Light and Dark Project

We want to introduce one interesting project on RawStockPhoto’s Contributor Vladimir Serov – The Book of Light and Dark.
The Book of Light and Dark is a series of photographs with one specific concept – to observe the metaphysical process between light and dark, a sublime co-existence. The subject of this enigmatic series of photos is to examine the human inner world. People of different ages will be the photographer’s research subject and the goal is to create a unique atmosphere and space.

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The series will have a mixed style: a combination of such genres as staged photography, reportage, portrait and still life. The result will be two art books, available both in digital and printed version, with approximately 250 photos including backstage photos and sketches from the shooting process. The roughly 250 pages of both books will contain photographs of over 50 models of all ages, children, adults and seniors, including professional models. The digital version of the books will be available free along with a few downloadable high-resolution photographs with possibility of commercial application. The hard copy will be a limited edition. The project also includes intricate graphic design post cards, calendars and other printed products.

little girl stock photo rsp id 18514 Light and Dark Project


girl looking stock photo rsp id 18511 Light and Dark Project











Most of collected sum will be spent on hiring models, purchasing and manufacturing accessories for the series as well as printing. All photos within the framework of the project will be available for purchase with a royalty-free license.

watching the rain stock photo rsp id 18458 Light and Dark Project

watching the

beautiful young lady stock photo rsp id 18453 Light and Dark Project

beautiful young










This photos are just an example and the project will not include them.

You can check out and download more of  Vladimir Serov works at

The project will have only exclusive photographs. The project get the green light at Project’s Facebook page:

Join the Project now!

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